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* To prevent future financial crises, the Infinite Spreadsheet, (the solution of value) will be made available free at least every January and July.
* To prevent future complexity crises, Universal Permanent Software (the solution of completely automated software) is a free contribution to society.
* Post-Science Medicine (natural cures) is always free.

Science introduces knowledge to mankind.
Post-science connects mankind to the universe.

What Is Post-Science (后科学) ?

There are five valid definitions of post-science (后科学):
1. Post-Science is knowledge beyond science.
2. Post-Science is knowledge for the next 2000 years.
3. Post-Science is knowledge which advances the current non-living scientific knowledge to the living technology.
4. Post-Science analyzes the infinite reality with its solution of value, which establishes equilibrium among all the related socioeconomic factors in a space extending to infinity in time and space, and satisfies the requirement of permanence with its solution of complete automation with the solution of robot touch based on the new post-Newtonian physics concept of jumpulse.
5. [MOST IMPORTANT] Post-Science makes a connection to the living system and initiate the process of copying it, instead of innovating.

Post-science estimates that the technology in the universe based on the living system (500 variables) is about 100 times more complex than the technology on earth (5 variables). The purpose of increasing complexity is to achieve complete automation, which is the solution for unlimited complexity.

Revolutionary Shift of Knowledge
from Science to Post-Science

25 years after the founding of Post-science in 1990, knowledge is shifting from exact science to post-science, now including fuzzy logic. Why is fuzzy logic necessary? The answer is because precision is not the most important design criterion and is replaced in the process of expanding the range of tolerance of a creation or product to accommodate all the possibilities in an uncertain future. Social and life sciences in post-science are fuzzy, but must satisfy mathematical and logical verifications, respectively, because empirical verification is impossible when infinity is involved in social and life sciences. Thus, the Post-Science Knowledge Revolution require greater rigor and less precision than that of science, which is based on exact empirical verification, which is less rigorous and more precise than fuzzy mathematical and fuzzy logical verifications.

Post-Science Overview of Knowledge

"In the past 2000 years, the most important knowledge is morality, which kept excessive evil in check in order to prevent mankind's self-annihilation in the heat of economic and military competitions. In the next 2000 years, the main problems for mankind will be solving financial crises, complexity crises, and achieving permanent life. Post-science solution of value is the solution to financial crises, and post-science solution of complete automation is the solution to complexity crises. Post-science is still working on the problem of permanent life in a Permanent Life Club starting with the identification of DNA as Universal Permanent Software, which has been designed to be completely automated and to last permanently." Post-Science

The following are post-science web sites:

1. Post-Science Introduction: (People of Post-Science Institute) (Post-Science Student Web Site) (Post-Science Plan and Prediction of Next 2000 Years) (Religion from faith in thinkers to faith in knowledge) (Post-Science China in Chinese/English) Post-Science Slide Presentations:
1. The Goal of Life is to express the value of the life representing the DNA.
2. Post-Science is the knowledge for the next 2000 years.
3. The first goal of knowledge is to achieve permanence.
4. Jumpulse describes human motion, as force describes current robot motion.
5. Hugh Ching is the Founder of Post-Science, knowledge beyond science.
6. The final goal of knowledge is to create Heaven.
7. The Purpose of Death is to update the culture in a new cloned life.
8. Hugh Ching solved the geometry problem of Steiner-Lehmus in high school. (Hugh Ching 郑 佑 is the founder of post-science 后科学.) (Chien Yi Lee is the inventor of Universal Computer Source Code.)
Zheng's 17 Houses: 25-episode TV Show on Founder of Post-Science Hugh Ching's grand grandfather (Hugh's Father Pei Ping Ching is a famous direct descendent of the Zheng's 17 Houses) (Pictures of Zheng's 17 Houses)

2. Solution of Robot Touch
(Toward Completely Automated Hardware) (The solution of touch based on jumpulse) (Demonstration of jumpulse) (Prolonged contact in tennis) (Jumpulse applied to Human Dancing with explosive power)
Video Human motions (Can machine do these?): (The racket moves faster than the ball, implying double-hitting is possible.) (Cars should be able to go down a bumpy slope like a mogul skier.) (Only a human dancer, not a robot, can overcome the strong static friction under the foot with jumpulse.)
Video Machine motions: (Two model cars with the Jumpulse Mechanism collide without bouncing off.) (Robots move slowly with direct force, without the Jumpulse Mechanism.)

3. Solution of Value:

* The backward-looking peer review process should be replaced by the forward-looking Infinite Spreadsheet.

* The backward-looking market comparison method should be replaced by the forward-looking Infinite Spreadsheet.

* The backward-looking time-series analysis should be replaced by the forward-looking Infinite Spreadsheet.

* The backward-looking factor analysis should be replaced by the forward-looking Infinite Spreadsheet.

* The backward-looking actuarial analysis should be replaced by the forward-looking Infinite Spreadsheet. (Solution of value) (Direct link to the valuaiton systems) (Another short-name website for Infinite Spreadsheet) (Infinite Spreadsheet Stock Rate of Return Calculation) (Non-violable Laws of Nature in Social Science) (Infinite Planning replaces Milton Friedman's Free Market.)

4. Solution of Software: (Definition of the problem of software) (Technical explanation of Universal Permanent Software UPS) (Computing With Integers) (Universal Permanent Number International registration) (Universal Permanent Number Video and Demo) (Universal Permanent Software Video and Demo) (Universal Permanent Number Video and Demo) (New invention based on Universal Permanent Number) (Electronic Brain) (Complete autoamtion is the solution to unlimited complexity and is the foundaiton of life or computer science.) (A successful life in the 21st century is to discover Permanent Life.) (Self-Creation vs. Random Creation)
http://www.postsciencemedicine (Medicine based on the belief of Self-creation)

Other Relevant Information:

New definition (September 9, 2014): Unexact Logic is a short term for Post-Science Fuzzy Logic.

Post-Science History of Knowledge (2014)

For the past five thousand years of recorded history, mankind has been struggling with fuzzy information using mainly perceptive ability. For the past three hundred years, science has gave mankind for the first time a taste of perfectly reliable, but subtle, knowledge about our material world. Being value-absent, science is supported by the human need in military struggle. Science is accepted based on empirical verification of exact information and requires mainly analytic ability.

Post-science is knowledge for the next 2000 years (Click here for knowledge for the next 2000 years). Post-science has solved the problems of value posed by Gerard Debreu, of software posed by John von Neumann, and of touch missed by Isaac Newton and all the scientists since Newton for the past 300 years and explained by the new physics concept of jumpulse (Click here for an explanation of jumpulse), which denotes a sudden increase of force, as Newtonian impulse is a sudden increase of momentum.

Currently, post-science is extending the Infinite Spreadsheet (Click here to go to the Infinite Spreadsheet), which is the commercial version of the solution of value and takes care of real estate, stock, and project valuations, to the Fuzzy Infinite Spreadsheet, which takes care of the rest of the valuations for decision-making. The Infinite Spreadsheet is the Exact Solution of the cash flow equation (Cash Return = Sum Of Cash Flows + Cash From Resale). Price/Earnings (P/E) Ratio is the zero-th order solution of the classical expansion of the Cash Flow Equation. In general, the Exact Solution has taken into consideration the entire problem, in contrast to the approximate solutions. But, the Fuzzy Infinite Spreadsheet has extended beyond the Exact Solution to introduce the concept of Fuzzy Exact Solution, which is even more accurate or complete than the Exact Solution.

In addition to establishing the solution of value as the foundation of social science, post-science is using the completely automated Universal Permanent Software (Click here to read the patent on "A Completely Automated and Self-generating Software System"), of which DNA is a prime example, to initiate a project to recreate the human being, whose design will start from an exact foundation of complete automation and will ultimately diversify or fuzzify in order to expand the range of tolerance to cover all the possibilities in an uncertain future. The technology of fuzzification in the self-creation of mankind (Click here for an explanation of self-creation) is a timeless knowledge, lasting millions or billions of years into the future.

In terms of the Acceptance Theory of Knowledge, from its solutions of value and software, post-science believes that while the exact scientific information can be accepted based on empirical verification, the fuzzy information in social science, which have puzzle mankind for over 5000 years, must be accepted based on mathematical verification because involving infinity, which never arrives, social science solutions cannot be empirically verified. Furthermore, the fuzzification of an exact system, namely, the human DNA system, has sacrificed complete automation for diversity. To regain complete autoamtion in computer science, which deals with the communication between the fuzzy human and the exact computer, human language must be converted back to exact integer representations, in the forms of integer names for the fuzzy human expressions. Thus, complete automation, which should be the foundation of computer science or life science, which can be defined simply as the programming of a chemical computer using the integers 1, 2, 3, and 4, must be accepted based on logical verification.

In sum, after 5000 years of search for knowledge, mankind arrives at the rather obvious conclusion that the more complex is the problem, the more rigorous should be the method of solution. Accordingly, the simplest scientific problems, involving about 5 variables, can be solved by empirical verification with the assumption of the law of uniformity; the problems in social science, involving around 50 variables (e. g. inputs to the Infinite Spreadsheet), must satisfy the rigor of mathematical verification; and the problems in life or computer science, involving around 500 variables (e.g. the choices of machine instructions in a microprocessor) must satisfy the Requirement of Permanence based on complete automation or logical verification.

Post-Science or What Comes After Science:

Solutions to Financial Crises, Religious Conflicts, Self-Creation, and Future Uncertainties

(Instantwebbook: Instantly updated on the web)

Click here for a biography of the founder of post-science.

Click here to go to Post-Science Student Site.


Post-science is knowledge after science. It deals mainly with social and life sciences. Currently, Post-Science Institute holds the patents to the solutions of value and complete automated software. The solution of value can predict, explain, and solve financial crises. Being mathematically rigorous, relating the rate of return to the price, the solution of value demonstrates a non-violable law of nature in social science, as gravitation demonstrates a non-violable law of nature in science. The solution of value is needed in the determination of the rate of return on investment, which reflects risks, in the logical relationship: Rate of Return > Interest Rate > Inflation, whose logic (not the relationship) is also a non-violable law of nature. A financial crisis occurs when this logical relationship is violated.

Religion has served to prevent mankind’s self-annihilation by balancing excessive evil with good, but is about goodness, not knowledge. Excessive evil can result from competition, which is the main engine of socioeconomic progress in an irrational society. A knowledge foundation of morality or rationality can be formed based on the solution of value. The determination of value depends on the perception of value. From its solution of complete automation, post-science believes the possibility of mankind’s self-creation and contends that the perception of value is a part of the designed criteria in the creation of the living system, which includes all the living things and its environment, including the solar system.

Post-Science Institute has also solves the problem of touch or collision without bouncing off with the new physics concept of jumpulse, which denotes a sudden change of force, as Newtonian impulse is a sudden change of momentum. The Japanese Sixth Generation Computer Science, Robotics, has failed because robot cannot touch; a robot finger bounces off a surface like a ball bounces off a racket. The solution of complete automation is the Self-Manufactured General Purpose Robot, having the ability of touch and being fully controlled by completely automated software. Ultimately, the Robot will become the human, and the software, DNA.

Post-Science Institute introduces a solution for solving the long-term problem of unemployment, when robots gradually take over works performed by humans. The solution is simply to reduce the number of working days per week so that the available work will be distributed to more workers. This so-called Distributed Full Employment policy might also be used to solve the unemployment problem in a crisis.

In order to survive permanently in an uncertain environment, the range of fault tolerance of the Robot must be expanded with design specifications, such as biodiversity, multi-cellular design, sexual reproduction, auto-update, and self-creation. Expanding the range of tolerance for permanent survival could be considered The Final Problem, and the living system, a trial solution of The Final Problem, both of which will continue to infinity in time and will never be finished. One of the major outcomes of The Final Problem is that the real world is mostly fuzzy, which characterizes social and life sciences or post-science, rather than exact, which characterizes science.


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