Rose and Milton Friedman with Hugh Ching

" Dr. Friedman's Free Market is better than Government Regulation Based On Man-made Laws, but is not as good as Regulation Based On Laws Of Nature."

"Dr. Friedman's empirical verification of economic theories does not apply to some of the most fundamental quantities in economics, such as value, decision, price, and plan, whose validity must based on mathematical rigor, as first proposed by Immanuel Kant."

"Having built a bridge between science and post-science, Dr. Milton Friedman should be considered the greatest thinker of the twentieth century."
Hugh Ching, founder of post-science

Milton Friedman and Post-Science

by Chien Yi Lee

Post-Science Institute proposes to extend the Free Market of Milton Friedman to Maximum Planning based on the Infinite Spreadsheet, for the very purpose of the Free Market is to allow individual planning, whose volume far exceeds that of the central government planning. Maximum Planning suggests that the central government planning should stimulate and not suffocate the Free Market individual planning. The Infinite Spreadsheet also demands that the planning should extend to infinity in time; a finite plan, which hides material facts beyond the finite time, should be considered illegal and wrong. In fact, communism failed mainly because of finite planning. Furthermore, Milton Friedman and K. T. Li, who is the architect of Taiwan Economic Miracle, are the chief architect of the current Chinese Economic Miracle. But, the difference between the successful Chinese and the unsuccessful Russian Economic Reforms is Milton Friedman.

Being rigorously derived mathematically, the Infinite Spreadsheet is, thus far, almost infallible in stock prediction for nine months of actual investment and in real estate prediction for over thirty years, including the prediction of the US Savings and Loans Crisis. The details of the nine-months of intensive stock trade are presented in the book Knowledge to be published in 2007 and introduced at the web site: .

Additionally, the central question in Friedman's thinking should be address:

Are We Free ?

Based on the Infinite Spreadsheet, which is a constraint on our (investment) behavior, we are not. The non-violable laws of nature in social science, such as the Infinite Spreadsheet and social and economic invariants, define the Limits of Freedom, as the behavior of material objects are limited by the non-violable laws of nature in physical science. Here the US Constitution's endorsement of freedom should be qualified Post-science agrees with Friedman's view on deregulation. However, post-science comes to the conclusion by analytical derivation, and Friedman, by his raw thinking power. In view of the existence of non-violable laws of nature in social science, today's legal system should not be based on man-made laws, but on laws of nature. Friedman has a life-long attempt in introducing the scientific method to social science. He is correct when he endorsed deregulation, for in physical science, where all the laws are discovered, the number of man-made laws is exactly zero.

The purpose of Maximum Planning should be to maximize the value of the world as a whole, not just that of any individual or any group of individuals. With the availability of the Infinite Spreadsheet, which is based on the solution of value, Friedman's concept of self-interest can be extended from oneself to the whole world. In order to maximize the value of the world, competition, as the main engine of progress, can be joined by cooperation, and selfishness, by altruism.

It is only in the absence of the solution of value or of rational arbitration, as in the current state of human affair during and before the time of Milton Friedman, that competition is the only means to settle a disagreement, and self-interest of every individual is the primary cause of social progress. As its best predictor, Milton Friedman should be considered the greatest thinker of the twentieth century [CYL, nickname: Toy Dancing Doll, PS: We missed a chance to discuss all of the above at our dance party!].

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