Hugh Ching, Ray Paul, T. L. Kunii, C. V. Ramamoorthy, Xu Ja Fu
"Value Theory Lecture" by Ching in the backgroud

Dr. T. L. Kunii is the inspirational leader of post-science. Being the top computer science team, with his wife Hideko, in Japan, Dr. Kunii realized the failure of Japan's Sixth Generation Computer Science, Robotics, is due to robot's inability to touch. He encouraged the formation of the WuKuniiChing Team (Ta-You Wu, T. L. Kunii, and Hugh Ching) to extend the solution to prolonged contact in ball control to that for robot touch. Ball control needs one jumpulse, and touch, two jumpulses. The last years of Dr. Wu's life were among the most fulfilling and productive due mainly to Dr. Kunii's decision. Now Dr. Kunii is the leader in the implementation and commercialization of the post-science solution to value. A rational decision must take into consideration of all the future consequences of the decision to infinity in time. The commercial web versions of the valuation software, known as the Infinite Spreadsheet, is now widely available (for example, Free Real Estate and Stock Valuation;; The popular adaptation of the solution to value is the first step in the rationalization of our society. Science has no value judgment, and post-science is needed to assign value to, and research priorities in, science. Dr. Kunii founded the Department of Information Science at the University of Tokyo. He was the founder and the first President of the University of Aizu, the first all computer, all-English university in Japan. He also founded the Computer Graphics Society with Headquarters in Geneva. In his private communication with Post-Science Institute below, he encourages post-science to lead the world.
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