Post-Science Communications

The following is a list of people who are the source and the inspiration of post-science discoveries.

Communications with K. T. Li

Li was the architecture of the Taiwan, and now the China, Economic Miracle.

Communications with Zhu Rong Jie

Letter to Jiang Ze Min with video taped pre-Tennanmen lecture to the San Francisco Bay Area Chinese students on "Chinese Economic Reform" by Milton Friedman hand-delivered to Zhu Rong Jie.

Communications with William Seidman

Seidman points out the conflict between man-made laws and (non-violable) laws of nature.

Communications with Al Gore

Gore is for post-science.

Communications with Kenneth Arrow

Dr. Kenneth Arrow was shown a demonstration of the Infinite Spreadsheet in his office and said it was good. Dr. Arrow could be the only person living (Gerard Debreu, who also understood the solution to value, but passed away recently) who have the background to fully understand the solution to value. He could become be the most important living person, especially, as referee of all the valuation systems, for the Infinite Spreadsheet, but, unfortunately, he is very difficult to approach. He refuses to talk to non-mathematical social scientists and to work on real estate research, but might be interested in the new concept of Universal Investment Yardstick. He has asked Post-Science Institute to keep him posted on the progress of the Infinite Spreadsheet, but not to exceed two pages at a time.

Communications with Paul Feyerabend

Dr. Feyerabend was the first person to recognize the philosophical implication of post-science. He sponsored Hugh Ching, the Founder of Post-Science Institute, as a Research Associate at the Department of Philosophy of the University of California, at Berkeley for eight years.

Communications with Benson Mates

Prof. Mates sponsored Hugh Ching for about four years at UC Berkeley, when Prof. Feyerabend was away. Prof. Mates is the authoritative biographer of Leibniz. He consulted Ching on his Infinite Spreadsheet patent.

Communications with Harold Grad

Dr. Grad was the teacher of Hugh Ching and student of Richard Courant, the greatest mathematician of the 20th century, who inherited the ability from David Hilbert, the greatest mathematician of the 19th century. Hugh Ching is eternally grateful to Dr. Grad for his intellectual integrity and unbiased encouragement. Dr. Grad and Prof. Feyerabend were the two most important persons in Hugh Ching's intellectual growth.

Communications with Richard Stallman

Richard promotes Economic Freedom for software, while the completely automated software invented by Post-Science Institute provides Technical Freedom to computer usage, whereby all technology, including, particularly, English, is eliminated from computer usage. Richard is a frequent visitor of the dormitory and a good friend of Post-Science Institute.

Communications with Jay Xiong

(Jay became the Technical Director of Post-Science Institute after developed an Auto-Update System for the Completely Automated Software. His products are available for sale as described below.)

Communications with and in Memory and Appreciation of William N. Kinnard, Jr.

Letter From Director of US Patent and Trademark Office

Friends of Post-Science Institute:
An Historical Account of the Development of Post-Science

Pictures of Friends

Post-Science Commercial Products

Infinite Spreadsheet Real Estate and Stock Valuation Systems

Software Testing and QA (Auto-Documentation of Completely Automated Software)

Post-Science New Ventures

Universal Permanent Integer ID Numbers

Universal Permanent Numbers

Post-Science Institute solves the problem of complete automation, which characterizes life. It identifies DNA as a prime example of its Permanent Software which is patented under the title "Completely Automated And Self-generated Software System" (Pat. No. 5,485,601). Permanent Software provides a foundation of complete automation for the creation of permanent entities, of which life is possibly the ultimate form. The permanent entities need to be valued by the Infinite Spreadsheet, which is also patented by the Post-Science Institute as "Quantitative Supply And Demand Model Based On Infinite Spreadsheet" (Pat. No. 6,078,901).

The condition of permanence is mainly achieved through complete automation, particularly, auto-update. For example, life is designed to last forever through the completely automated propagation of DNA through offspring. Complete automation is the solution to complexity. It is needed in handling unlimited amount of information, which, through infinite time, is condensed in DNA and derives the infinite wisdom of life. A permanent entity is infinitely more valuable than a temporary entity. No man-made product today is permanent. No man-made product is completely automated. The unlimited growth of complexity which is created and controlled by partial automation could be one of the greatest dangers facing human civilization.

The first step toward the Age of Life Science or Complete Automation is to give name to the unlimited amount of permanent entities. The Permanent Numbers are the names to be given to permanent entities and are simply the integers from minus infinity to plus infinity. Human beings have difficulty in remembering numbers and what they stand for. Permanent Software is used to remember the meaning of the Permanent Numbers, which will be unlimited through human associative memory. Permanent Software is based on three innovations: (1) Universal User Interface (tree-structured, numerical multiple-choice question format, which can help remember unlimited amount of information using human associative memory), (2) Universal Computer Source Code (integers, for example, 111 to 999 and DNA which is 111 to 444, which is the native language of the machine), and (3) Universal Data Record (where the address of the record is contained within the record so that the addresses will be remembered by the computer).

The Permanent Numbers could be one of the most profitable and easiest applicable intellectual property, for they represent the first product from the Age of Life Science, which is characterized by complete automation. Selling, say, just a dollar per Permanent Number, the value of the intellectual property can easily reach $1 trillion for 1 trillion Numbers. For example, the Permanent Numbers are a much more efficient way for submission to web search engines than the current URLs, which cost ten to hundred times more. Several current companies, such as Microsoft and Intel, using not yet completely automated products, are already reaching market cap close to trillion dollars.

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